Download Your Class Notes!

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My Class Notes

Speaking is hard! Our teachers will write notes for you, so you don’t have to!

5 minutes after class, a PDF copy of your notes are automatically uploaded so you can review.

Practice New Vocabulary! – NEW!

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My Homework

After each class, new vocabulary your teacher gives you will be automatically uploaded so you can review right away.

If you want more practice, you can request homework and it’ll be created for you instantly.

Then, write some sentences with the new words you’ve learned and we will check your sentences.

We Can Check Your Writing!

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Check My Writing

Write some sentences with words you’ve learned in class, and our teachers will correct them for you.

We can even help check your important emails, resumes, letters and more.

Ask Us Anything!

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Ask A Teacher

Is there an English grammar question that’s driving you crazy?

Do you want to know the difference between “speak” and “talk”?

Just Ask a Teacher and we’ll answer your English questions anytime.

Get Your English Certificate!

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We can prepare a certificate for you with your English speaking level (after you’ve taken 24 classes or more).

Choose Your Schedule!

Same Day Bookings

Book your class up to 1 hour before it starts.

Same Day Cancellations

Cancel your class up to 2 hours before it starts.

You can study every day, twice a week, or take a month off.

If you have the time, then take more than one class a day!

If you are busy, then take a week or two off!

You Will Never Repeat a Topic!

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We have a world-famous topic system that keeps track of what you studied.

So you can take 3 classes in the same day (or take a 3 month holiday) and you will never repeat a topic or class.

At Eh Plus, every class is different. Real life doesn’t follow a textbook, and our classes don’t either.

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