Hi there! We're Eh Plus English !

We’re a different kind of English school.

We know you have about 100 schools to choose from, so here’s how we’re different!

At Eh Plus:

  • We don’t have a lot of teachers – We have a core group of teachers who love what they do!

  • We have clear pricing – We hate subscriptions and our system is easy to understand.

  • We don’t use old textbooks – We have a world-famous system that helps teachers choose the best topics for you.

  • We are a small business! – Eh Plus is a teacher-run company and we offer excellent support to our students.

At other English schools:

  • They have LOTS of teachers – It’s up to you to find a good teacher, and it takes time to find the right person.

  • They have confusing pricing – Are you paying monthly or per class? Is each teacher a different price?

  • They follow old materials – They use textbooks from a long time ago and don’t change very often.

  • They are huge! – Some online English schools have hundreds of teachers and thousands of students.

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Our Story

We are a Real School

Eh Plus English opened in September 2009 in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, with a goal to help people improve their English conversation skills.

Our classes were flexible, cheap and small and our students loved studying with us.

We started in one tiny room inside a wedding dress store, and grew to take over the whole floor of a building downtown.

Our students loved studying with us in Vancouver for over 11 years, but then…

COVID-19? What’s that?

Then, COVID-19 hit Canada in March 2020 and we were forced to go online. We quickly moved our most popular class, English Conversation, online and our students in Canada studied there.

After that, more and more students from around the world starting finding us, and joining our classes over Zoom.

We Love Teaching Online!

Now we’re able to help people from almost every country in the world, and they don’t have to travel to Canada to study with us.

We LOVE teaching from our living rooms and we’re here to stay!

Our Values

We love learning

All of our teachers have learned a second language (or more) and we love learning languages.

We also understand how hard it is to practice speaking in a new language.

Everyone is welcome

As long as you’re over 18, we want to help you.

We welcome students from every country in the world, are LGBTQ+ friendly and treat everyone equally.

Subscriptions suck!

We hate subscriptions!

Our Class Packs have long expiry dates and we never charge your credit card twice unless you buy another pack.

Flexibility is important

You shouldn’t have to change your life to improve your English.

If you need to take a 1 month break, or you want to study every day for a week, you can do it.

Just take your classes before they expire.