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At Eh Plus English, our Part-Time English classes let you...

Learn English When You Want!

Just book your class, and study at our downtown Vancouver location!

Learn English & Improve Your Speaking in 3 Easy Steps!

How Often Can I Study?

Our English classes are flexible so you can...

Choose Your Own Schedule

You can study:
once a week,
twice a day,
Thursdays at 4:45pm...

It's super flexible!
Just book your class online and learn English when you want!
Start any day of the week!

Can I Study At Home?

When you study with us, you get a free...

Student Site!

That you can use to practice after class!

Class Notes!

After you take a class,

download your class notes to review at home.


Audio and Video!

Watch videos from our Listening class, or

practice with audio from our Pronunciation class.



Our Listening and Vocabulary classes include vocabulary practice homework games so you can

have fun while you memorize new vocabulary.

What Else Do I Get?

When you study with us you get a

Student Discount Card

That you can use to save money on cool stuff in Vancouver!
Student Discount Card
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About Eh Plus English Education

We are one of the only teacher-owned schools in Canada, and have helped thousands of students improve their English speaking skills!
All of our teachers are fluent native English speakers, have university degrees, are certified in teaching ESL, and have years of experience teaching grammar, reading, writing and speaking classes!
Eh Plus has been open since September 2009, and is fully licensed by the City of Vancouver.