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Eh Plus Reviews – Vancouver English School Reviews

Check out what past students have to say about Eh Plus!

Bobi Hyun
Bobi HyunKorea
Eh Plus helped me pass the CELBAN!

Mau Kuwahara
Mau KuwaharaJapan
I want to say that this school is the best school in Vancouver.
Anna Kitamura
Anna KitamuraJapan
I think I was really lucky to find Eh Plus. The teachers always motivated me and made me think that English was essential.
Jason Huang
Jason HuangTaiwan
Eh+ is the best one for me. They have very flexible classes that you can book whenever you want. The booking system is easy and convenient.
Mercedes Bachiller
Mercedes BachillerSpain
I would like to say your school is the best school I have been to in my life, I learnt so much there.
The methodology is diferent than other schools and the teachers are fantastic.
Yoori Ko
Yoori KoKorea
Whenever I made mistakes during the conversation, they corrected the errors promptly and made a mistake note. It was a very good material to review what I got wrong.
Paula Martins
Paula MartinsBrazil
I recommend Eh Plus specially for Brazilians. I studied three weeks there and I advanced two levels in my english school in country.
Maiko Yamanaka
Maiko YamanakaJapan
I really loved your Listening class. I always wanted to be able to understand news on TV. That was one of my goals in English study and I achieved the goal thanks to Eh plus.
Hiromi Nakatani
Hiromi NakataniJapan
If you choose the Conversation class, we can always talk to the teacher. Usually, Language schools have many students and you would learn grammar. I don’t mean that’s bad. But, I think, especially for Japanese people, we need to speak and wanna talk to native English speakers.
Tomoaki Kabashima
Tomoaki KabashimaJapan
It’s perfect for the people who have a job, or want to go to other schools as well. Eh plus is always flexible. This is one of the best
ways to use our limited time more effectively.
Rie Nakatani
Rie NakataniJapan
I think that getting many opportunities to speak is the shortcut to improving English. The atmosphere at this school makes me relax, and I can get some skills in Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Listening and speaking.
Lilian Tsao
Lilian TsaoTaiwan
I didn’t like my original ESL school in Vancouver because they really care about grammar and tests for students.My target in English is to improve my speaking and listening, so I started to find another school and luckily I found Eh Plus.
Haruka Nishikawa
Haruka NishikawaJapan
I was afraid to speak English, because I was shy. The classes were tough for me at first, because I couldn’t say anything. They kept trying to understand and fix my English grammar and pronunciation.
Thanks to their help, my English improved. I don’t think I could work in Canada if it weren’t for that school.
Tsao Yu Hsuan
Tsao Yu HsuanTaiwan
I have studied at Eh Plus English for 9 months. I want to say It was the best language school I have ever been to.
Teachers were professional and patient with students. I have learned a lot of words and sentences which were very useful in daily life.
Ivan Badenes
Ivan BadenesSpain
The most important thing was the quality of the teachers, they teach their classes with so much enthusiastic and passion. I’m amazed I have never known teachers like that. The combination of all was perfect to learn. I hope to come back one day.
Yuri Heo
Yuri HeoKorea
After I returned back to my country, I realized that the things I learned from them are so helpful in many situation, when I read a book, watch movies, write in English and prepare speaking tests.
Yeo Jang Mi
Yeo Jang MiKorea
Their teaching style is unique but efficient to improve English. Especially I could have more accuracy and confidence when I speak English. The most important thing is the teachers are very friendly. And they know the problems that international students have.
Mirko Boemhert
Mirko BoemhertGermany
Another huge advantage is that you can choose your own time schedule, so you can study when you want! You get a really good bang for your buck! Therefore, I strongly recommend this school.
Zuzana Szokeova
Zuzana SzokeovaSlovakia
I had no experience with any other schools in Vancouver to compare, but I can say – thanks God I chose yours. From a flexible schedule, online booking, nice place,friendly manners, to the great teachers really into their job, focusing on students’ personal weaknesses, simply fantastic.
I was looking forward to every lesson during my 5 month attendance.
Ailton Fontenele
Ailton FonteneleBrazil
When I came to Vancouver in order to study English, I was aware that is not easy to learn a new language after being over sixty years old. After searching a lot, I chose Eh+ as my school. I enjoyed the school so much for 6 months and my English improved.
Leila Hajian
Leila HajianIran
I can only say that Eh Plus is exactly what I want! The most important thing for me is the flexible schedule. Also, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes me feel confident. Finally, I can have lots of chances to speak because of the small classes.
Ana Carolina Granado
Ana Carolina GranadoBrazil
I chose Eh Plus because I can work and study together. I can book my classes according to my schedule! I don’t need to go every day and spend all day long like in other schools. I can work and study! My teachers make the classes very interesting and my classmates really want to study hard.
Ayano Hasegawa
Ayano HasegawaJapan
This school was the best school I’ve ever been to. Depends on my feelings, I can choose a lesson ‘conversation, idioms, or listening’,and all classes are small, so we can concentrate on a lesson, ask many questions and talk a lot.

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