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The English classes at Eh Plus are very…

English school in Vancouver!

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Cinthya Nuñez
Cinthya Nuñez
06:20 17 May 18
This school is a very good option if you are working or have a pretty tight schedule! The students come from several countries and you'll learned a lot about the culture of each one. Highly recommended if you are trying to improve your speaking skills! 🙂
Marco Labra
Marco Labra
02:35 24 May 18
The school location is perfect, the teachers are very professional and they are always willing to help you¡I really recommend the school if you want to have a good english experience in vancouver.The conversation classes are very useful and you can meet people from different countries.
16:45 04 Apr 18
For working holiday workers, or busy people or whom doesn't have a lots of money... I recommend here badly! I can make my schedule flexibly and learn english. Furthermore, price bubble isn't exist here. That's what I like 🙂
fanny denisse
fanny denisse
19:01 01 Mar 18
Very nice and friendly team. It's very easy To book a class through their website. My favorite class is EILTS conversation class. But you can choose between, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening... You should try !
Наталья Драчёва
Наталья Драчёва
20:10 07 Feb 18
Great idea for those who needs a flexible schedule. Short but very informative lessons. Interesting learning material. And teachers are the best!!!!
Nika Ismayilova
Nika Ismayilova
16:41 23 Feb 18
I was very impressed with the quality of teaching, individual approach to students and the system of education itself. This course is very convenient especially if you work or study, because usually we buy week or monthly packages and have to attend the classes in certain hours, but here you can choose any class according to your schdule and book it or cancel within 12 hours. After the class you can see all notes or audio files aploaded into the platform on your account and repeat or learn the studied material. After 2 weeks of my studying in Eh-Plus I became more fluent in English, got my confidence when I speak and enriched my vocabulary. I would like to thank Eh-Plus teachers for the professional aproach and all their efforts and time.
Harue Sumi
Harue Sumi
06:37 05 Jun 18
Valuable English class by sophisticated and funny teachers in Vancouver. Recommended to people who were not satisfied at ESL. This school is reasonable price (actually very cheap, thinking about the quality!!), small class (4-6 students/class), Flexible (book! even a class). Try free trial class first! You might like it.
Eri Uno
Eri Uno
06:27 20 Jun 18
Small size class and very professional teachers! It is very cost efficient compared to regular ESL.
Trà My Nguyễn
Trà My Nguyễn
05:59 21 Jun 18
I've tried all kinds of classes in Eh Plus and to be honest, every single of them is helpful for me, Conversation and Listening in particular. I had a lot of chance to express myself and was pointed out my mistakes and suggested the way to improve it thanks to Eh teachers and partly small classes. Although the lessons sometimes made me feel kinda short, it's designed to be flexible for those who busy working, and I didn't have actual problems with this.
Asuka Takemoto
Asuka Takemoto
22:37 28 Jun 18
I really like the system of this school we can easily book a class whenever we want to go and we can easily stop taking a class whenever we want to stop. There’s no additional cost.And more the Quality of class is awesome. It’s based on real communication so we can talk about lots of things in small class. I think Eh Plus is one of the cheapest and best school in Vancouver.
Yuki Iijima
Yuki Iijima
18:44 29 Jul 18
All the teachers are Canadian! Classes are small in number and it is easy to ask questions. You can get answers immediately... it is a good learning environment. You can focus on concentrating in stead of taking notes.And you check notes and reviews in the class on the website. You can take as many classes as you like whenever you like. Anyways, it is a wonderful lesson content and system to learn English. If you do not want to waste time or money, I definitely would recommend this school!
Avin Abbasfard
Avin Abbasfard
06:42 03 Aug 18
It was the best class. You can learn so good and everything works with smart-phone and ipads,etc. nice teachers and a really good atmosphereYou can book classes online anyday you want and anytime- so that means the classes are so flexible for those who work or go to university.You can also review your notes, balance, amd even you can do your online (actually you should) and that’s so much fun.Anyway, the class and the institute is so good and flexible and I love the way they teach.
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I think I was really lucky to find Eh Plus.
Anna Kitamura - Japan, Read More
I recommend Eh Plus especially for Brazilians.
I studied there three weeks and I advanced two levels in my English school in Brazil.
Paula Martins - Brazil, Read More
I’ve been studying at 4 different English schools in Vancouver.
Eh Plus is the best one for me.
Jason Huang – Taiwan, Read More
Your school is the best school I have been to in my life, I learnt so much there.
The methodology is diferent than other schools and the teachers are fantastic.
Mercedes Bachiller - Spain, Read More
Eh Plus is exactly what I want!
The most important thing for me is the flexible schedule.
Leila Hajian - Iran, Read More
I chose Eh Plus because I can work and study together.
I can book my classes according to my schedule! I can work and study!
Ana Carolina Granado – Brazil, Read More
I was looking forward to every lesson during my 5 months.
If my family or I are in Vancouver in the future, we will come to your school again.
Zuzana Szokeova – Slovakia, Read More
The atmosphere at this school makes me relax, and I could improve my vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and speaking.
Rie Nakatani - Japan, Read More
When I came to Vancouver in order to study English, I was aware that is not easy to learn a new language being over sixty years old.
I enjoyed the school so much for 6 months and my English improved.
Ailton Fontenele – Brazil, Read More

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