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The English classes at Eh Plus are very…

English school in Vancouver!

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I think I was really lucky to find Eh Plus.
Anna Kitamura - Japan, Read More
I recommend Eh Plus especially for Brazilians.
I studied there three weeks and I advanced two levels in my English school in Brazil.
Paula Martins - Brazil, Read More
I’ve been studying at 4 different English schools in Vancouver.
Eh Plus is the best one for me.
Jason Huang – Taiwan, Read More
Your school is the best school I have been to in my life, I learnt so much there.
The methodology is diferent than other schools and the teachers are fantastic.
Mercedes Bachiller - Spain, Read More
Eh Plus is exactly what I want!
The most important thing for me is the flexible schedule.
Leila Hajian - Iran, Read More
I chose Eh Plus because I can work and study together.
I can book my classes according to my schedule! I can work and study!
Ana Carolina Granado – Brazil, Read More
I was looking forward to every lesson during my 5 months.
If my family or I are in Vancouver in the future, we will come to your school again.
Zuzana Szokeova – Slovakia, Read More
The atmosphere at this school makes me relax, and I could improve my vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and speaking.
Rie Nakatani - Japan, Read More
When I came to Vancouver in order to study English, I was aware that is not easy to learn a new language being over sixty years old.
I enjoyed the school so much for 6 months and my English improved.
Ailton Fontenele – Brazil, Read More