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We can help you Speak English better!

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How Does Our Online English Conversation Class Work?

The Online English Conversation Classes are Flexible, Cheap and Small

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Take the Online English Conversation Class using Zoom.

We Take Notes for You!

In most schools, the teacher does all the talking and the students take notes.

At Eh Plus, it’s the opposite!

You can focus on your English speaking while your teacher writes down your mistakes and corrects you.

That’s one of the many great features you get when you improve your English with Eh Plus!

How Can I Improve my English Speaking Skills Online?

Great question!

We have have some tips that will help you improve your English speaking quickly in any online class.

  • Speak as much as you can and review your teacher’s notes.

  • Try to use new vocabulary. We will let you know if you say something wrong.

  • Listen to your classmates, learn from their mistakes (and give them a chance to speak too).

  • Don’t be shy and don’t compare yourself to others!

  • Don’t try to speak perfectly! Mistakes are good and will help you learn!

  • Don’t worry about grammar! We’ll help you with grammar and answer any questions you have.

Our Eh Plus Teachers Are Awesome!