Improve Your English Vocabulary, Vancouver!

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How Does the Class Work?

Practice at home!

After you take a Vocabulary class, review at home on your Student Site.

Class Notes!

During your class, the teacher will take notes on a tablet for you, so you can focus on your vocabulary.

After class, you can download your Vocabulary class notes to review at home.

Practice the Vocabulary You’ve Learned!


Our Vocabulary classes include vocabulary practice games to help you remember and use the new vocabulary you learn.

Our Students Love Us!

Based on 151 reviews
Yong Liu
Yong L.
04:00 28 Dec 19
The teachers here are very patient.They have an experience that will enable you to improve your communication ability in English in a short time.The listening class is very challenging.Oral English class also urges you to use English as a communication language as much as possible. Everyone can only speak English here.Students from different countries are trying to communicate in English.The atmosphere of English learning here is also very good.
20:28 18 Dec 19
I think that Eh Plus is the most ideal ESL school in Vancouver for those who have a job and want to study English effectively and flexibly. The quality of teachers is guaranteed and the lessons are sophisticated. Surprisingly, the words and phrases that I learned at school are frequently used on TV and in my daily life. I am a big fan of Eh Plus!!
Amanda Marinho
Amanda M.
05:10 20 Nov 19
Great school with amazing teachers, fun classes where you really learn things about the daily basis and you don't miss a class because you manage your own schedule. Last but not least, they have a good price! 🙂
Cassia Ramos
Cassia R.
06:32 15 Nov 19
EH PLUS is very convenient; you choose and book the class online, take as many classes as you want per day. There is no expired date and flexible schedule that you make your own schedule .Most of all, the teachers are very competent and friendly.
Jaina Garcia
Jaina G.
01:54 06 Nov 19
Since I've been taking the pronunciation and listening class at eh plus school, my english has improved a lot and so fast. Also I like the way you book the class with an app that is easy to use. The schedule is perfect to people who work like me because it's impossible to study in the traditional way for 8 hours straight in the morning. I really recommend at leat to try. In addition, teachers are amazing.
Agathe Le Roy
Agathe Le R.
04:23 29 Oct 19
This school is very convenient; you choose and book the class online and take as many classes as you want, there is no expired date. Most of all, the teachers are very competent and friendly.
Ailton Correia
Ailton C.
21:13 15 Oct 19
I highly recommend Eh Plus to improve your English, mainly speaking skill.They have small conversation classes with at most four studentsThey teach English without boring exercises or activities.
Cathy Tran
Cathy T.
20:12 10 Oct 19
What an excited and great language school. I love your flexibility in organizing the classes. The schedule is controllable by students to book or cancel the classes. The classes' size are small (no more than 4 students for a communication class) which is good for all the students be involved in. I highly recommend Eh-Plush English to anyone who would like to experience a practical, useful and friendly environment to improve your English communication skill.
19:31 30 Sep 19
I recommend EH Plus. First, excellent teachers. Second, improve my speaking skills. Finally, flexible class time.
Minah Lee
Minah L.
16:36 27 Sep 19
The school is so good. Small class, nice teachers and reasonable price! I definitely recommend you guys!
Levi Chen
Levi C.
00:35 25 Sep 19
EH Plus is a school with good vibe and interesting classes. It is not like an ESL school but it can improve your English level by their different classes. You will definitely get improved on speaking, listening and vocabulary. Also, the class schedule is pretty flexible. Give it a shot!