tomoIt is about time to repay the favor of Eh plus!

When I went to ESL schools, I was irritated with myself because I
always sought the chance to speak English.
But it’s by no means easy to do that because of the number of the students.

I think, Japanese students need to study at a school which is small
scale like Eh plus.

I took Conversation class and Listening class. As long as I have
motivation and keep my assertive mind, it’s not an overstatement to say “this
class is just for me!”
I can improve my speaking skills because my classmates are same level, so I am very sure, I was inspired by a lot of good and serious students. All teachers don’t compromise to speak and ask us. They speak English not for like “international students”,
but just normal speed and use quite natural expressions.

Listening class was very hard for me, but even though I always had a hard time to listen, it’s safe to say I could get the hang of
listening. And every time I realized effect because it’s totally different how I can hear it between first time and last time.

I learned new useful words and vocabulary every single time as well.

Eh plus has a very cool booking system. We can sign up whenever we want.

It’s perfect for the people who have a job, or want to go to other
school as well. Eh plus is always flexible. This is one of the best
ways to use our limited time more effectively.
Thank you to all awesome teachers, and thank you Eh plus.

You made my Vancouver life!

Tomoaki Kabashima – Japan