maikoThank you very much for always welcoming me at school and helping me studying English.
I really loved your Listening Class because you can learn useful vocabulary to understand the real news or some interesting lectures/speeches in English.
The video materials are not altered into ‘easy one’ such as the textbooks or any learning materials made easier for learners to deal with.
For example, the materials are the real news from Canadian TV. They talk fast and use difficult vocabulary.
So it is often challenging and hard to deal with at the beginning but surprisingly you get to understand eventually in 90 minutes of the class.
I always wanted to be able to understand news on TV. That was one of my goals in English study and I achieved the goal thanks to Eh plus.
Again, thank you very much for everything. Eh plus definitely support you to achieve your goals in English study. Good luck!

Maiko Yamanaka – Japan