Hiromi Nakatani - JapanI studied Eh Plus for 2 month last year.
When I arrived in Vancouver, I didn’t have any plan – like what am I gonna do?
And then, I heard about they have english school call “Eh Plus” from some one I know. And I found out they have a little bit different style of lesson as other school.

If you choose the Conversation class, we can always talk to the teacher. Usually, Language schools have many students and you would learn grammar.

I don’t mean that’s bad. But, I think, especially for Japanese people, we need to speak and wanna talk to native English speakers.

So, this school helped me a lot:D And there are friendly teachers and they organize parties often. So, we can make friends there and also it helps to improve your English!! That’s pretty fun!! I have really good memory at Eh Plus:D If i’m ever in Vancouver, I’ll definitely come back to Eh Plus.

xoxo Thank you Shaun and Mike aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Austin and Mary:D

Hiromi Nakatani – Japan.