Now we all know that some people prefer to wake up early, and some people prefer to stay up late, but do you know how to describe these people? Let me help you below.

Early Bird

An early bird is the kind of person that goes to sleep early at night, and also likes to wake up early. We usually think that this person likes to work or do chores early in the morning, as in they’re productive when others are sleeping.

    • Example:
      My mom is always in bed by 9:00 PM. She’s a real early bird.
    • Example:
      I’m a baker, so it’s good to be an early bird. I start work at 6:00 AM, so I usually wake up around 5:00 AM.

Night Owl

Opposite of an “early bird”, this person likes to stay awake until really late at night, and usually doesn’t like waking up early in the morning. Sometimes we think this person is having fun late at night, like at a night club, but they can also be productive at work or at home in this time.

  • Example:
    I’m a night owl, so I rarely go to sleep before midnight, even when I work early the next day.
  • Example:
    My roommate is a night owl and it can be kind of annoying. They often listen to music until 2:00 or 3:00 AM.

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