Many of our students here at Eh Plus Vancouver like to study professional or academic English, but it’s very important to also study casual English – the kind of English that native speakers use everyday. Here’s an easy phrasal verb that you can use to improve your English, and sound more like a Canadian!

Check out

Most Canadians use “check out” to mean “try”, “do”, or “experience”, but we usually use it in a way to mean that it’s our first time doing that thing, whatever it is.

  • Example: Do you want to go check out that new Indian restaurant on Commercial?
  • Example: We always go to the same cafe. Let’s check out somewhere new.
  • Example: I’ve been wanting to check out Portland for a while. Want to go this weekend?
  • Example: Her friends said the movie was really good, so she checked it out on Netflix, but she just thought it was so-so.

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