English Tip: Check Out (Phrasal Verb)

2019-03-14T15:04:43-07:00By |Categories: Most Popular Vocabulary|

Many of our students here at Eh Plus Vancouver like to study professional or academic English, but it’s very important to also study casual English – the kind of English that native speakers use everyday. Here’s an easy phrasal verb that you can use to improve your English, and sound more like a Canadian! [...]

English Tip: Have A Sweet Tooth

2019-01-03T11:38:39-07:00By |Categories: Most Popular Vocabulary|

We all want to be healthy, but nobody’s perfect. There’s nothing wrong with eating something unhealthy from time to time, but how do we explain our eating habits in English? Sweet tooth is one of the most common ways, and here’s how we use it. […]

English Tip: Spend Time / Waste Time

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In English, we have so many idioms and expressions about time, like “time flies”, “time is of the essence”, “third time’s the charm”, and even “high time”. But today let’s focus on how we use our time. The most common verbs we use with time are usually “spend” and “waste”, but what’s the difference? I’ll [...]

Christmas 2018 at Eh Plus

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Come and celebrate Christmas with Eh Plus! Friday, December 21 at 5 PM Gingerbread houses, food, drinks, gift exchange, pizza and more! Tickets cost $10 and include pizza and 2 drinks (Extra beer and coolers can be purchased for $3.00 each) Bring your friends! If you'd like to join our gift exchange, please bring a [...]

English Tip: Over / Under / Around / Ish / Nearly

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When it comes to numbers and amounts there’s a lot of different ways English speakers can be general. Often we need to be specific, like at work, so most of these are only used in casual situations. Here’s my step-by-step guide. We use these for all numbers, like: price ($), time (hours/minutes), distance (kilometres, metres). [...]